Leadership Coaching

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Our leadership coaching is intended for executives in all industries, at all levels of experience. We teach leaders a framework for excellence in knowledge, attitude, choice, action, and results. Leaders who form these habits become top performers—what we call “A” Players—and possess both the technical competence and the strength of character to lead their organizations to success.

The core of our coaching philosophy is the Priority Thinking® and Good Will Leader™ models, which provide a realistic and robust framework for leadership. Clients will learn to examine the nature of leadership – including its functions and the relationships at work – to develop an ability to lead that is rooted in the real, authentic, and greater good.

Our Process

The four-phase leadership coaching process below reveals an in-depth portrait of the coachee’s professional obligations, competencies, performance, and objectives. We utilize a variety of leadership assessments to understand the coachee’s potential and incorporate this insight into the leader’s custom development action plan (DAP) for success.

Ongoing Support

While we strive to complete the coaching engagement within the leader’s and organization’s time constraints, some coachees request extended support. Once official coaching engagement ends, we are glad to provide as-needed services such as situational coaching sessions, event facilitation, or reinforcement sessions.

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