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Good Will Leader Education Series

Grow a deeper understanding of leadership and hone your skills with our powerful Good Will Leader model.

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Audience and Duration

Offered in four, six and eight hour workshops

Emerging leaders, middle management, and senior executives

Program Overview

Good Will is key to relationships and results. Our applied learning and development program provides new and experienced leaders with a robust and realistic framework for leading effectively and ethically in organizational life.

Over 500 definitions of leadership exist, yet very few—if any—are precise or robust enough to capture the various situations and contexts in which leadership is observed or demonstrated. This program will test your assumptions and provide you with a remarkably powerful, effective model for understanding leadership.

Most leaders are a mixed bag of GOOD Will, WEAK Will, and BAD Will leadership. The GWL Education Series grows leaders towards the practice of authentic Good Will Leadership that can be measured, monetized, mastered and, most importantly, memorialized.

Key Concepts

  • Leaders will be introduced to the concept of Good Will—the universal currency for ethical and effective leadership—and a model for leadership that applies to all walks of life.
  • Leaders who understand how to express, transact and build Good Will to create an enduring, positive legacy for themselves and their organizations.

Key Objectives

  • Learn a robust definition that gets to the essence of leadership.
  • Learn the qualities of a leader that cause others to follow.
  • Discuss how resistance and receptivity to a leader affect the nature of the leader-follower relationship.
  • Understand the three basic types of leadership and the three sequential functions of a Good Will Leader.

Interactive Items

Pre-Event Survey to Jumpstart the SessionWorkbook with Articles and ActivitiesMultimedia Presentation with Short Vignettes
Interactive Polling for EngagementBreakout Group Discussions for Active ParticipationOnline Toolkit for Continued Development
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