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This growing manufacturer of industrial mixing equipment required a production manager to increase quality and throughput by implementing lean manufacturing techniques and to drive a culture of accountability.

“With so many demands on my time, I was hard pressed to plan and execute a successful search for a new production manager with internal resources alone. I have always resisted using search consultants - particularly retained search firms both because I thought the cost exceeded the value in the long-run and I had no inherent guarantee. A-Player Search not only gave us a guarantee that exceeded any we had ever seen; more importantly, they gave us a disciplined yet accelerated process for finding and selecting top talent. I have never experienced a candidate search where the recruiting firm was so thorough and helpful at every step. They even provided us with an inventory of tough probing questions and spent time coaching us on how to interview to insure we were selecting a true A Player. At offer letter time, they helped us develop a comprehensive objectives document within our offer letter. We learned that A Players like a disciplined and thorough process and the selected candidate has exceeded our expectations. I can recommend them without hesitation; in fact, we continue to use A-Player Search for all of our searches.

The bottom line, A-Player Search saved me time, money and most of all, improved the talent of our company significantly.

- Sean Donkin, General Manager

The market leader in ski and wakeboard boards used A-Player Search most recently to recruit a VP level director of new products and engineering to their senior leadership team. A-Player Search has conducted additional executive and management level searches for MasterCraft in the functional areas of engineering, operations and quality.

“We selected A-Player Search due to their knowledge of our strategic priorities and their exceptional understanding of the engineering and manufacturing disciplines in the marine industry. A-Player Search helped us to articulate the leadership talents we were seeking, specify the appropriate compensation range, and target the best talent for a key new product development role. They supported the management team every step of the way and even provided custom interview question guides. Their recruitment process is extremely robust and ensures that a candidate meets not only the educational and experience requirements, but will be a good fit to our culture and complement the current management team.

In the past I have worked with recruiters where the selection process demanded a lot more of my time and ultimately I had less confidence that the person we selected was a true A player for the role. However with A-Player Search I am pleased to say that the candidates we have selected have added immediate value within a matter of weeks. Both the candidates and APS have exceeded my expectations.

- John Dorton, President & CEO, MasterCraft Boat Company

“With over 500 employees at MasterCraft, our HR department simply doesn’t have the resources to do a superior job for a senior level executive search. Because our senior positions are so strategic to the company’s success, we decided to do a retained search with A-Player Search to ensure we had access to candidates who were not “on the market.” I look for a recruiting company to make my job easier and save me time. A-Player Search, unlike many firms that just generate resumes, thoroughly screened every applicant and only presented the most qualified candidates. With just one exception, every person we interviewed for the job was a strong fit for MasterCraft’s needs. A-Player Search ensured that my time and the hiring manager’s time were only spent on qualified candidates. For close to thirty years I’ve been in human resources and I have never worked with a recruitment firm with such a high quality process. Unlike other recruiters I have worked with, A-Player Search’s in-depth interview process meant that there were no surprises. I am thrilled with the way they supported our HR Department by writing job descriptions, creating and coordinating interview agendas, walking us through the right non-compete agreements, checking references and conducting background checks. They kept us informed every step of the way. A-Player Search has been a highly performing virtual member of our HR team.”

"The best part of the process with A-Player Search is after the hire. They continue to support us with exceptional on-boarding support to the candidate and on-line surveys to facilitate performance feedback and insure that our new A-Player stays an A-Player. I have never seen a search firm provide the level of support and follow-up that APS provides. They are truly A-Players!"

- Greg Stanley, Director of Human Resources, MasterCraft Boat Company

Barnacle Bill’s Seafood is a fast-growing restaurant chain in South Texas. A-Player Search provided us with outstanding support to our interviewing and selection process. Their interviewing guides and tools provided our senior management team with an excellent framework in which to interview and hire talent in our highly competitive industry. Our company now recruits, hires and develops only A players for every leadership position in our restaurant chain. We are building an A Team thanks to the interview tools from A-Player Search!

- Paul M Vance, President & CEO

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