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A-Player Search provides Human Resources professionals and hiring managers with training and consulting support. Below you will find a selection of consulting services that will assist your organization in becoming the A Player employer of choice. You can view a list of our training courses.

Consulting Services

Culture Assessments

Top talent in the form of A-Players is only part of the solution for building a high performance organization. Culture has been described as the way "employees think and get things done" in a company. If your A-Players don't fit into your culture, you may be squandering significant opportunities. Our detailed assessment process helps you to understand your culture beyond the normal employee feedback surveys. Great cultures don't just happen. They are the product of great leaders who have the unique qualities of magnanimity and wisdom and sound insights into human nature. These leaders see the "making of money" as the primary means of the business to fulfilling a greater service of the common good for employees, customers, shareholders and the community. We also examine the dangers and attitudes that threaten your company's culture in the form of greed, mediocrity, entitlement and an aversion to risk. We provide you with insights into the kind of company culture you have and help you to understand the critical dimensions necessary to become a thriving company culture where excellence, effectiveness and innovation are the way things get done. A-Players thrive in these environments. Our Primary Culture Assessment Tool allows for some customization to client requirements

Outplacement Coaching

Our highly regarded coaching process helps your departing executives discover how and where they can be A Players

Every person has the capacity to be an A-Player; some choose not to be. Treat your redeployed employees fairly. We help your C players come to terms with their failures or ineffectiveness and to discover where they can become real A-Players. Most outplacement processes focus on helping the employee to find a new job based on their experiences. Our career coaching process focuses on helping your redeployed employees to find their true talents and interests. Customized to client requirements

Competency Assessments

Real competency is the degree to which our employees can do their jobs individually and as a team. Our detailed assessment process combines the power of well-validated psychological assessment tools with our detailed survey of your employees core skills and aptitude for specific functions or areas of your business. Detailed interviews are also conducted to insure that management understands the degree to which they are limiting the inherent competency of the team through structure, compensation plans, lack of systems, or other factors.
Standardized tools with an inventory of assessment options customized to client requirements.

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