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Far From the Crowd . . .

We handle the time consuming process of screening dozens of candidates allowing you to focus on your daily priorities. We know how to find the right "A players" in a crowd of candidates.

Access to Top Talent

A-Player Search places middle and senior executives in a variety of industries – manufacturing, financial, hospital and service sectors. Our functional expertise includes general management, human resource, operations, quality, engineering, information technology, sales & marketing. We excel in finding the best leaders and technical experts for your business. Most of our candidates have annual salaries in excess of $100K.

A New Experience . . .

Having identified the shortcomings of traditional retained search firms, we facilitate the whole process from start to finish to ensure you get an A player. As one of our clients says:

“…I have never worked with a recruitment firm with such a high quality process.  A-Player Search has been a highly performing virtual member of our HR team.”

Effective Interviewing Course

Many leaders admit that they are poor interviewers and that they are unsure of the right kind of questions to ask. We offer a hands-on course which provides the nuts and bolts of effective interviewing as well as the boundaries of fairness required by law. Read more

Our Guarantee . . .

Most executive recruiting firms guarantee their placements for up to 90 days. A-Player Search is so confident in the quality of our process to match your requirements that we have quadrupled the standard industry guarantee for our full service retainer. If a candidate hired by one of our clients leaves their employment for any reason (other than violations of employment law by the client) within 365 calendar days from the first day of employment, "A" Player Search will provide the client another qualified candidate for no additional fee (except for reasonable expenses as outlined in our agreement).

Our performance based retained search services eliminate virtually any risk
to our clients.

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