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Training Services

A-Player Search provides human resources professionals and hiring managers with training and consulting support.

Below you will find a selection of training services that will assist your organization in becoming the A Player employer of choice. View a list of our consulting services.

Course List

Dealing with C Players

Have you identified your C players? Are you struggling with the decision you have already made but have been reluctant to implement? This course helps your managers learn how to identify C players and to effectively deal with them. Most managers are surprised that lack of performance is NOT the primary reason that employees are C players. This course will challenge you to act with both integrity and fairness.

½ day course.

A Player Fishing Program

Rather than catch the A player for you, let us teach you how we do it! Learn to fish - it's a lot less luck than you realize!    

We are so confident in our search process; we'll teach it to you and help train your team so that you can run your own searches. This course provides your HR support staff and hiring managers with the tools and process for insuring you target, find, screen and select A players. We even let you use our web based tools to conduct and manage your search process. And, if you need a little help, we are there to assist you in the process.

1 day course.

American Idol Syndrome

This on-line assessment followed by team training provides you with tools to align your natural interests to your natural skills.

According to Stanford University , 55% of employees are misplaced in the jobs they are doing. Real passion flows from doing the job you love AND are good at. Do your managers and employees think that they are qualified for open positions for which they are not qualified? In today's workplace, desire is no longer enough - real A Players learn how to align their interests to their talents. Learn why PASSION is not enough and how to identify when talent lacks passion and passion lacks talent - we teach hiring managers how to recruit by aligning talents and interest to create sustainable passion.

1 day course.

Techniques for Effective Interviewing

Learn how to conduct a detailed interview selection process (DISP) for learning the most information from candidates in the least amount of time.

Do your managers and employees really know how to determine if a candidate is the right A player for your open positions? Most leaders and employees admit that they are poor interviewers and that they are unsure of the right kind of questions to ask. This hands-on course provides your employees with the nuts and bolts of effective interviewing as well as the boundaries of fairness required by the law. Being a good interviewer takes preparation, practice and patience (with yourself!) We help your managers and employees to put into practice these basic techniques beginning with the power of tandem and team interviewing methods. The course ends with special 1:1 interview techniques that help interviewers to gain the confidence that comes with identifying and selecting A players.

½ day course.

Fallacy of Retention

Turnover is only a problem when you are losing the A Players you want to keep.

Turnover is a key measure of the stability of a business. High growth companies face a paradox: to play the game they have to field the team; to win the game, they have to build a team of A players. Slow growth companies face the same paradox but have already fielded the team and can't seem to change the players. This course teaches you how to measure the right thing and do the right thing for your business and your employees. Retaining A players is tough when you have a team of mostly C and B players. This course helps you understand the fundamental drivers of retention and the necessary actions required to build a culture of A players.

2 hour course, may be conducted on-line.

Employer of Choice

Everyone wants to be an Employer of Choice. But the best employers know that treating your employees right really means hiring the right employees. A players attract A players. People want to be a part of a winning team. This course teaches you the fundamentals of building a team of competent winners who love winning. This course helps you to understand your current company culture and the reasons why your company is and is not an employer of choice.

2 hour course, may be conducted on-line.

The DNA of an A Player

Becoming an A player is a life long process of mastering skills and building character. Discover the true measure of greatness from the greatest philosopher in all of history. This course is not for the faint-hearted. Aristotle knew how to train A players: after all Alexander the Great was his pupil. This course introduces your managers and employees to the deep and penetrating insights of Aristotle and their surprising application in our day-to-day work.

1/2 day course.

Employee Development & Retention Practices

How to develop your employees and retain your A Players

The best companies know that the best way to retain their best talent is to develop it. This course explores the various ways you can develop your A players for growth in scope and depth. A players do not have to be upwardly mobile - only 30% of A Players desire to be promoted. Learn how to develop your budding A players and retain the A players on your team.

3 hour course.

Conducting 360 Assessments

Learn how to use 360 feedback tools to help your managers coach their employees to improve their self awareness and performance.

This course is for managers and HR professionals only. Learn the simple techniques for conducting 360s and the important rules for insuring that the process is effective and conducted ethically.

1/2 day course.

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