GWL360 Leadership Assessment

The GWL360 draws upon Priority Thinking’s multi-dimensional Good Will Leader model and compares perceptions of a leader’s performance by his or her associates with the leader’s self-evaluation. Thus, a “full circle” of feedback is created—which is why the assessment is called a 360°.  The aim of this exercise is to identify both areas of strength and areas for improvement in the leader’s performance in order to close the “goodness gaps” and further his or her journey toward Good Will Leadership.

In addition to the robust leadership model at the core of our instrument, we also have a number of additional modules available, including: the Priority Profiler, A-Player module, leadership attributes and fully customized questions.

By comparing the leader’s self-assessment with the perceptions of those around him or her—both professionally and personally—the GWL360 reveals blind spots and increases performance awareness.

Our Process

Phase 1: Client Set-upPhase 2: LaunchPhase 3: Reporting & Follow-up
Discovery & CensusSurvey LaunchData Extract & Analysis
Leader Preparation & Question ReviewLeader / Sponsor UpdatesReport / Dashboard
Communication PlanParticipant RemindersCoaching Session
TestingContinual ValidationOptional: Team Session

Our Technology

Online Survey Platform

Web-Based Surveys

Audience Response Technology

Survey Transfer Tool

Dynamic Dashboard

Dynamic Dashboard

Upon completion of the GWL360, the leader and executive sponsor(s) gain access to the Dynamic Dashboard application across desktop and mobile environments. The Dynamic Dashboard consolidates survey data from our secure database and provides easy-to-use overviews of GWL360 results. Demographic filters can be used to “slice” results by multiple groups. Executive sponsors can view results of multiple GWL360 assessments conducted on their subordinates.

Comprehensive Reporting

Each leader receives a comprehensive GWL360 report that includes a question-by-question breakdown of the data with full-text verbatim participant comments and careful expert analysis. Performance attribute scores are summarized in aggregate form, and by demographic and/or firmographic slices of interest.

After reviewing the GWL360 Dynamic Dashboard and Report, we encourage leaders to conduct a follow-up interactive polling session with their direct reports, as well as private sessions with other groups. These sessions allow further discussion of the GWL360 results, and provide deeper feedback for the leader to consider in his or her professional development.